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What to Expect at an Appointment for Pain Management

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Chronic pain is a problem for more than 50 million Americans. New regulations are limiting the pain medication that doctors can prescribe. You may not even want to manage your pain with narcotics. Your primary care doctor may recommend a center for pain management to help find other treatment options to manage chronic pain. Going to another doctor can be stressful, especially when you are living with pain. Here’s what you can expect during your first appointment for pain management.

At your appointment, you will fill out paperwork for the pain management center. Your medical background is very important to understanding your pain. Be prepared to list all your past surgeries and health problems. The doctor will want to know any medications you are currently taking. You will also need to identify the pain and how it started. Read more »

[Infographic] Sleeping Positions to Avoid Back Pain

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If you are experiencing back pain, the position that you sleep in could be a big factor.   Sleeping correctly in a healthy position could avoid chronic back pain in the future.  It can also help to decrease your acute back pain.    See the infographic below to determine if you should adjust your sleeping position.

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[Infographic] Foods for Pain Relief

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[Infographic] Pain Relief Through Better Nutrition

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Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain

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Common treatments for chronic pain typically include steroid injections and oral painkillers. However, many centers now offer alternative treatments for chronic pain patients looking to alleviate pain through non-medicated routes. If you are looking for alternative modes of pain management in Ventura County and want to learn more about remedies for chronic pain, please keep reading below.

One unique way to manage your pain is through natural supplements. Containing powerful herbs and plants, these supplements can work just as well as prescription medications to block many of the enzymes that trigger the production of pain in the body. Some of the most common supplements include turmeric, cat’s claw, willow bark, ginger, green tea and rosemary. Turmeric has been known to help patients suffering from arthritis as it relieves joint pain and increases flexibility. Any professional center for pain management in Ventura County can provide you with answers and directions if you have any questions about these supplements. Read more »

[Infographic] Migraines

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Understanding and Dealing With Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain has been defined as any bodily pain that persists for more than twelve weeks. This pain can be caused by many different conditions and complications in the human body, making it difficult to treat. However, by understanding the source of a patient’s pain and utilizing different treatment options, anyone suffering from daily pain can feel relief and return to a happier, healthier life. Read more »

[Infographic] How to Sit to Avoid Chronic Back Pain

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Options for Pain Sufferers

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If you are in chronic pain, chances are, you know it. Being in constant pain can suck the joy out
of life and be quite devastating. But what is pain exactly? Why do our bodies experience pain
and what are some treatment options for pain management?

Pain is difficult to define because people perceive and tolerate pain differently. Basically, pain is
the way the brain interprets signals from what our bodies are experiencing. Pain can be useful
to alert us about an injury or illness that we have. Oftentimes, when the stimulus is removed or
illness treated, the pain goes away. Unfortunately, many people experience pain that is ongoing. Treating this pain is difficult, but we will go over different options for pain sufferers.  Read more »

[Infographic] Back Pain in Women

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