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Treating Chronic Pain With Injections

Back Pain Sep 28, 2015 No Comments

Treating Chronic Pain With Injections | Comprehensive Pain Management Center

Pain management plans are typically individually designed and tailored based on the causes of your symptoms and on your overall health condition. One group of management techniques often used by practitioners is treatment through injections. Injections have the advantage of targeting the problem area directly without affecting the entire organism. There are several types of injections that your practitioner may use.

Facet Joint Treatment

If the source of your pain is in your facet joint, facet joint injections of anti-inflammatory steroids and long-lasting local anesthetic can provide relief that lasts for a long time. If the relief is effective but does not last long enough, facet rhizotomy injections may be a good alternative. Facet rhizotomy injections relieve pain by completely blocking the sensory nerve connected with the facet joint.

Steroid Injections

Another common treatment is the epidural steroid injection. A mix of long-acting local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory steroid is injected into the supporting tissue around the spine. If your condition includes lumbar or cervical radiculopathy, transforaminal epidural injection may also be needed together with the steroid injection. The mix of steroids, anesthetic and sometimes other pain reducing drugs is also used to treat pain in the sacroiliac joints via injection.

Nerve Root Treatment

Selective nerve root injections are used both for diagnostic purposes and for pain management when the source of nerve root pain needs to be pinpointed. There are two mechanisms for producing the nerve block via injection. The first uses a long-acting anesthetic to block the pain; if it proves effective, it has served its purpose in reducing pain and also located the source of the pain. The other way involves injecting a neurolytic such as alcohol or phenol, which destroys the targeted nerves.

Using injections to relieve pain on a long-term or permanent basis has several advantages. Injections often prove more effective than oral pain medications, because the pain relievers are administered directly to the problem site and are more concentrated. Relief also lasts longer, since the anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drugs used in injections are designed to be long-lasting. At the same time, injections are a far less risky and invasive option than surgery.

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Common Causes of Back Pain

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Common Causes of Back Pain | Comprehensove Pain Management Center

Back pain is a common problem. There are many different severity levels and causes, but most people suffer from some kind of back pain. Common causes of back pain are injuries, mechanical problems and conditions and diseases.


One of the most common causes of back pain is injuries. Whether it is from lifting something improperly, twisting your back wrong or falling, an injury can cause short lived or chronic back pain.

  • Sprains, or tears in ligaments that support the spine, are caused by twisting or lifting improperly.
  • Vertebrae can get fractured due to osteoporosis or falling.
  • Overall strain can be caused by accidents or falls.

Injuries can lead people to suffering.

Mechanical Problems

A mechanical problem means that it hurts when you move your spine in certain ways. This can be caused by a few different conditions.

  • Intervertebral disc degeneration is caused by age. The discs located between the vertebrae break down and lose their cushioning ability.
  • Isthmic spondylolisthesis occurs when vertebra slip forward.
  • Herniated discs, also called muscle spasms, muscle tension or ruptured discs, can be worsened by sitting.
  • Another mechanical problem is the wearing down of facet joints. Facet joints are the large joints that connect the vertebrae to another.

Each of these problems makes it hard to move. About two thirds of adults in the United States are affected by mechanical back problems.

Conditions and Diseases

Medical diseases or conditions can also lead to back pain.

  • Scoliosis, or the curvature of the spine, can start to cause back pain mid-life.
  • Arthritis can hurt joints in your spine as well as elsewhere.
  • Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal column. This puts pressure on the spine and the nerves.
  • Pregnancy can also cause back pain, but not usually chronic.

These medical conditions can be the cause of or lead to back pain.

Back pain is a common problem today. There are many different causes. If you are concerned about back pain, make sure to see a professional.

By Dr. James  Lin
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Free Your Body of Chronic Pain With Innovative Treatments

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Free Your Body of Chronic Pain With Innovative Treatments | Comprehensive Pain Management Center

If you suffer from chronic pain, you understand how even hope for the smallest relief is enough to get you out of bed in the morning. Fortunately, today’s medical field is full of innovative treatments for patients undergoing constant pain. Here are three incredible options for freeing your body of pain and debilitating conditions.

1. Nerve Injections

One of most common reasons for chronic pain is a disruption between the nerves and the spinal cord. Often times, a herniated disc causes searing pain to travel from the broken nerve site into the lower back or legs. A successful treatment for this pain is nerve injections consisting of a numbing agent and a steroid. This combination of drugs works to decrease swelling and inflammation at the site of the nerve damage. If you endure sharp pain originating from your spine, you may be a candidate to receive an epidural, a discography or a nerve block injection.

2. Complimentary Solutions

When alternative medical treatments are used alongside traditional procedures, they are called alternative solutions or alternative therapies. These can be of great help if you find not enough or no relief from conventional medicine such as steroids, pain pills and surgery. Common complimentary therapies include:

  • Acupuncture-An ancient Chinese treatment utilizing disposable stainless steel needles to increase endorphins to the pain area and rebalance the body.
  • Dietary changes-Many people find great relief from their pain by decreasing the amount of sugar, carbohydrates and fats they consume as these can cause inflammation of the joints.
  • Chiropractic care- Chiropractic adjustments that realign the spine can decrease headaches, back pain, abdominal inflammation and even increase energy levels.

If you are interested in using complimentary treatments, make sure to talk to your doctor before starting them.

3. Patience and Positive Thinking

One final solution for chronic pain is your mental ability to change your outlook and mindset. If you wake up everyday believing you are going to be in terrible pain that stops you from enjoying life, chances are, that will be your outcome. Medical studies have show that staying positive, having patience and advocating for the best treatment for yourself greatly diminishes pain, inflammation and the onset of more illness.

If you are interested in trying any of these innovative treatments and pain management strategies, contact your local pain treatment office. Many medical facilities can provide you with these treatments and more information.

By Dr. James  Lin
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Natural Back Pain Treatments

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Natural Back Pain Treatments |

Back pain is common amongst various types of individuals. Whether it is temporary or chronic, people are constantly looking for ways to treat this pain. For those that would prefer to stay away from traditional medications, there are natural back pain treatments available. In fact, you probably were not aware that some of these things help to reduce pain.

Stretching and Core Exercises

Stretching and doing core exercises serve a number of purposes. Stretching helps to limber up muscles that may be tense, which can bring relief. Both stretching and core exercises help to strengthen the muscles and can help to reduce chances of pain to begin with. The key to proper stretching is to make sure that it is light and does not hurt. If you continue when it hurts, you could do more damage than good.


How you sit and stand can also play a part in your back pain. Those who hunch their shoulders can cause a permanent curve in their spine. This can lead to serious medical issues as well as chronic back pain. To avoid this, make conscious efforts to walk and stand up right, keeping your spine properly aligned at all times.


Massage therapy can provide relief for building back pain, especially when performed by a professional. Not only do they know what treatment methods are most beneficial for your particular back pain, they are also familiar with rubs and ointments that you can use to enhance the massage process, as well as continue the results after the treatment.


Endorphins are the body’s own natural pain reliever. Along with pain, it is also effective against anxiety, stress and depression. All of the aforementioned natural remedies help to release endorphins, as well as other calming activities, such as breathing deeply, meditating, laughing, listening to music and being social.

Before you head to the medicine cabinet the next time you experience back pain, consider one or a few of the natural back pain treatments mentioned above. For even more ideas, contact your local pain management center.

By Dr. James  Lin
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