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Pain Management for Post-Laminectomy Syndrome

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When a surgeon performs surgery, he or she aims to reduce or eliminate pain. That pain might be in the back or leg due to a spinal nerve compression. However, there are times when surgery for pain management is not successful. When the surgical intervention does not achieve what it was intended to do, it is known as Post-Laminectomy Syndrome.

Sadly, about 20% of Americans who undergo surgery on their spines will still have some degree of persistent pain in their back or legs. Fortunately, despite the failure of the surgery, a trained doctor can diagnose and develop a plan for pain management for post-laminectomy syndrome. Read more »

Chronic Pain and the Mind-Body Connection

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When we are in pain, it’s often hard to focus on anything else. The throb of the knee or the ache of the back becomes the focal point of our day. It’s hard to concentrate on anything else because every time your body aches, you’re right back with your pain.

The inability to move away from pain can cause anxiety, depression, frustration, and other psychological difficulties. The experience in the mind and the experience in the body are highly correlated. There is a clear relationship between the two, and we’ll discuss the mind-body connection of chronic pain. Read more »

Relaxation Techniques For Chronic Pain Management – Part Two

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In the first article of this series, the types of psychological stress were presented as well as how the body responds to stressful situations. It’s easy to dismiss certain experiences in life as not having an impact; however, in fact they do, without our knowing. The accumulation of stress, frustration, rejection, and anger can eventually lead to physical pain, especially if they are not tended to or given an opportunity to be expressed. Without any pain management these pains may become chronic. In this second article of the series, we’ll discuss what kind of relaxation techniques for chronic pain management are the best for you.  Read more »

Relaxation Techniques to Manage Chronic Pain – Part One

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Chronic pain is a complex experience of the body. However, more and more evidence is pointing to pain’s relationship to psychological factors, such as unending stress, depression, anger, and anxiety. Research indicates that chronic pain has both emotional and social factors, particularly the ongoing experience of stress. Taking the relationship between chronic pain and stress seriously means that by participating in relaxation techniques you can help to manage pain. This article is the first in a two part series that defines types of psychological stress as well as discusses relaxation techniques to manage chronic pain. Read more »

The Relationship Between Chronic Pain and Depression

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It’s easy to slip into a depression if your body struggles with pain. It’s easy to slip into the absence of experiencing joy, satisfaction, or contentment in life if you carry pain each moment of the day.

Depression and long-term pain go hand in hand, and treating both of them become necessary in order to return to a restored sense of well being and life enjoyment. Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is a common mental illness in the United States. In fact, about 9 percent of American adults suffer from depression and about 70 percent of all antidepressants sold in the world are sold in the United States. According to a 2011 report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of antidepressant use in the United States rose by 400 percent between 1988 and 2008. Globally, five percent of the population across the planet suffers from depression, according to the World Health Organization. It’s important to understand the relationship between chronic pain and depression, and what can be done to avoid this endless cycle.  Read more »

Finding the Pain Management Treatment Plan that is Right for You

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Finding a quality care provider for your pain management treatment plan is an important decision, and one that will have a lasting impact on your or your loved ones’ health and vitality. Your pain management treatment plan is catered specifically for you, to help ease your chronic pain as much as possible. Read more »

Discussing Pain Management Treatments With Your Ventura County Doctor

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There are many types of body pain. The origin of the pain needs to be determined in order to establish an effective treatment plan. Pain management with your Ventura County doctor can work with individuals to help them overcome chronic pain and improve their quality of life. Learn more about pain management treatment options in Ventura County here. Read more »

Understanding Pain and Vital Pain Management Center Techniques

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Millions of people in the United States are diagnosed with and suffer from chronic pain every year. Looking for a better quality of life, many look to various forms pain management center techniques to help alleviate their pain. When a painful episode persists for longer than three to six months, it may be defined as chronic pain. However, some healthcare experts argue that pain should last for longer than twelve months before it is considered chronic. A pain management center can help to manage chronic pain. Read more »


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