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Understanding Chronic Back Pain Support

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If your loved one has suffered greatly under the stresses of chronic back pain, then you know intimately how devastating a condition can be. Often they are unable to resume the little things in their life that once brought them great joy; walking, visiting, traveling and even the ability to comfortably rest and sleep. Understanding chronic back pain support options for your loved one will help you bring joy back into their life.

Though they may lose some aspects of leisurely activities, there are still plenty of ways that you, their loved one, can help bring about joy, peace and comfort in their lives. Make sure that they are taking any medicines or pharmaceuticals in a regular and timely manner. Nothing will challenge pain more than having it creep back up before the pain reliever has a chance to begin to work. If they can stay on top of their dosages, then the chances of them reducing the experience of pain will lessen.

Try to keep them as comfortable as possible. If they are complaining of leg pain, too, there are treatment options you can discuss with their doctor that can be applied at home. Often times, elevating their legs can reduce pain or even applying hot or cold packs to the afflicted areas will do the trick. Try to encourage the sufferer to get plenty of rest and sleep if they can. Again, opportunities to allow the nerves and muscles to relax and heal may get them back on the path of wellness once more. Chronic back pain can unfortunately reduce the sufferer’s former quality of life with the experience of endless pain and discomfort. However, you can assist with chronic back pain support by caring and tending to their needs while they are recuperating.

After receiving the ‘all clear’ with their treating physician or specialist to begin low-impact stretches. Try encouraging your loved one to stretch everyday in small increments at a time. The spine is a delicate instrument within the human body, but building up the muscles, tendons and ligaments around it will only further strengthen their core so that they can once more resume normal activities. Chronic back pain afflicts millions of people each year. Educate yourself and your loved one to keep your back and spine to avoid activity that could end up becoming a life long condition.


By Dr. James  Lin
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[VIDEO] Tips on Lowering Blood Pressure

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Check out this Youtube video on how to manage your blood pressure.

Here are a couple tips mentioned:

  • Eat more potassium (this balances sodium)
  • Regular physical activity
  • Take Calcium and Magnesium supplements
  • Try breathing techniques (this directly relates to the autonomic nervous system)


Consult With a Pain Doctor to Find Relief From Chronic Pain

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There are many different types of chronic pain. This pain can occur in the upper or lower back, and it can come in the form of migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. No matter where the pain occurs however, the effects can be traumatic. Severe pain that lasts for long periods of time can affect every aspect of a person’s life. It can interfere with their ability to work a full day, enjoy activities that they once loved, and it often coincides with depression. Those who experience chronic pain should consult with a pain doctor, so they can once again live their lives to the fullest.


The first step in helping someone who is experiencing chronic pain is to determine the source. Qualified pain doctors will be familiar with many different causes of pain, and they will know how to diagnose their patients. Experienced doctors will be able to apply treatments that have been effective in relieving severe pain in the past. Some of these treatments may include things like disc denervation, radiofrequency ablation, caudal steroid injection, etc.


Many doctors are also willing to offer their patients alternative treatment modalities such as acupuncture and chiropractor treatments, which have helped many individuals who are suffering from ongoing pain. These doctors who care enough about their patients to help those who suffer from both depression and chronic pain to receive cognitive behavioral psychology. This type of treatment has been very successful in treating depressive symptoms, which can worsen chronic pain.


Anyone who wakes up every morning in an unbelievable amount of pain, and wonders how they will face another day feeling this way should immediately consult with a pain doctor. These doctors will compassionately listen to their patients as they describe their symptoms, and run the appropriate tests to figure out what is causing the pain. Once that is determined, they will offer their patients a suitable treatment that will allow them to continue living their lives once again. It is possible to for those who experience chronic pain to wake up in the morning and feel hopeful once again. The right medical treatment can make that happen.



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