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Learning To Cope With Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain | Comprehensive Pain ManagementThere are no instant remedies to alleviate chronic pain. However, proper diagnosis followed by a suitable treatment does help to cope with chronic pain and make life easier. Chronic pain is often associated with arthritis, pregnancy, herniated discs and several other reasons that need a comprehensive evaluation. Treatments for chronic pain usually address both the physical and emotional stress caused by the problem. A physician’s diagnosis and prescriptions, coupled with physical therapy and counseling to ease the psychological stress, are all essential components of effective treatment for chronic pain.

Chronic Pain and Quality of Life

Chronic back pain and neck pain are the most common of recurring pains that often debilitate people in more than one way. These pains tend to limit a person’s natural reflexes and actions, making them dependent on others for even the smallest of tasks. Read more »

Effective Methods Of Chronic Pain Management

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Chronic Pain | ComprehensivePainManagementCenter.comMillions of people are afflicted with chronic pain, which is characterized by pain that lasts for more than six months.  This type of pain can be continuous or episodic, excruciating or mild, completely incapacitating or just inconvenient.  Backaches, joint pains, headaches and pain from injuries account for the most commonly reported  sources of pain.  Generalized nerve or muscle pains could also develop into chronic conditions.

Chronic pain takes an emotional toll that exacerbates the physical pain.  Fatigue, anger, depression, stress and anxiety interact with chronic pain in complicated ways and could decrease the production of natural painkillers in the body.  A considerable amount of evidence has been mounted which proves that unrelenting pain could suppress the regular function of the immune system.  As a result of the mind-body association of chronic pain, it requires addressing both the physical and psychological aspects to effectively treat this condition.

As a result of the complexity of pain, a number of treatment options are used in chronic pain management.

Managing Chronic Pain

The objective of chronic pain management is to enhance function and enable individuals to participate in day-to-day activities such as working or attending school.  Both the patients and the doctors have a variety of treatment options at their disposal.  Sometimes, relief is provided by using imagery and relaxation as a distraction.  Regardless of the  treatment regime, the important thing is to bear in mind that pain is treatable.  Below are two of the treatment methods that are among the most commonly used: Read more »


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