Yoga Moves To Relieve Back Pain

Back Pain Treatments, Pain Management Nov 25, 2015

Yoga Moves Anyone Can Do To Relieve Back Pain | Comprehensive Pain Management Center

Yoga has many benefits, but perhaps the biggest benefit is how it can help those who suffer from back pain. Back pain may be caused by many things. More often than not, though, it is a result of tight muscles or weakened muscles in the trunk and legs. Through the use of yoga moves to relieve back pain, you can help to tone and strengthen your muscles so they offer better support for your back and reduce pain.

Area of the Body To Focus On

In order to properly use yoga moves to relieve back pain, you need to understand the areas of the body that need to be worked through the poses. In the lower body, you want to work the hamstrings and the hips. Loosening these areas and increasing blood flow will strengthen them, allowing for healing of any pain that is occurring. You also want to use poses that will increase blood flow and gently stretch your back and stomach muscles.

What To Avoid

Make sure that you avoid any poses that are to complex. The poses you use should be easy and allow you to concentrate on keeping your breath steady throughout the pose. You also do not want to do any move that causes pain. Slight discomfort as you stretch is fine, but pain of any kind is not okay. Finally, make sure that you are doing the poses properly. You may want to attend a yoga class or consult with an expert to learn the poses before starting.

Examples of Poses to Use

There are many different poses that you could use as part of your yoga for back pain routine. Here is a list of poses that are all great for helping with back pain:

*Supine hamstring stretch

*Two-knee twist



*Thread the needle

*Legs up the wall

Using yoga for back pain is a great way for you to help relieve nagging pain on your own. It does  not take a lot of time to do a few poses each day, but the results can be amazing.

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