A Back Pain Patient’s Guide to Laser Discectomy

Back Pain Treatments, Pain Management Aug 28, 2015

Laser Discectomy | ComprehensivePainManagementCenter.comDo you suffer from ever-present lower back pain that leaves you breathless and keeling over? If so, you may want to ask your doctor about undergoing an healing procedure called a laser discectomy. Successfully used to treat those afflicted by back pain, this course of action may be the answer you have been hoping for.

The Cause of Your Pain

To understand how a laser discectomy heals back pain, you first need to understand what is causing your back inflammation and discomfort. A common reason is a bulging or herniated disc in your spine. Due to this malformation, your spinal cord or nerve root forgo great pressure from the herniated disc material. When the disc makes contact with the spinal cord or nerve, it causes the immediate and jaw-clenching pain you are so familiar with.

How it Works

Once it has been decided that your pain is caused from bulging discs putting pressure on your spinal cord, the laser discectomy procedure can begin. This is typically an outpatient procedure that can be completed at many hospitals. Once the procedure area has been numbed, a specialist will insert a long needle into the affected disc space. The needle contains a laser that burns and vaporizes the herniated disc material, creating immediate relief.

An Advantageous Procedure

This pain management procedure has many benefits and can help patients dealing with more than just a herniated disc. A laser discectomy can also relieve pain and distress due to:

  • Pinched nerves
  • Sciatica
  • Degenerative Disc Disease

This procedure also has a quick recovery time; hence you will not spend days recuperating in a sterile and cold hospital room. The small incision means there will be minimal scarring. Additionally, the surrounding muscles and tissue generally undergo little damage as they are gently pushed aside during the procedure, not torn apart.

If you are interested in a laser discectomy for your back pain, contact your nearest pain management office and start the conversation. With this simple and transformative procedure you may be well on your way to smoother walking, better sleeping and optimal physical and mental health.


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