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Understanding Chronic Pain in Children & How to to Counter It

Pain Management Feb 11, 2019

Chronic pain in children and teenagers is becoming more common, and is often not diagnosed for years. Here is how we can reduce the most common types of chronic pain children suffer from. Reports have stated chronic pain in children is underdiagnosed and not treated properly in both children and teenagers. Especially true are cases that deal with abdominal pains,...

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Tingling Feet or Hands… Is It Peripheral Neuropathy?

Pain Management Jan 08, 2019

You may have peripheral neuropathy if you are experiencing uncomfortable sensations in parts of your body. If you have tingling in your feet or hands, burning sensations in your back or face, or muscle weakness or lack of coordination - it's time to learn more. If you are wondering what it is and how can you get rid of it, the first thing...

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5 Reasons to Visit Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Specialists

Pain Management Dec 11, 2018

CRPS is a difficult, painful, and confusing type of chronic pain. During this difficult time, complex regional pain syndrome specialists can help. If you are dealing with pain of any kind, your goal is to eliminate that pain as soon as possible. You may have tried many options on your own, from over the counter pain remedies to alternative therapies...

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Is Back Pain Linked to Mental Health Problems In Teens?

Back Pain Nov 13, 2018

Back pain is an extremely common physical condition for people of all ages; but is this pain connected to mental health problems?  According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is the single leading cause of disability. They further state back pain can affect people of all ages, including children and adolescents. Reports explain back pain in children starts to...

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The Relationship Between Chronic Back Pain and Restless Legs

Back Pain Oct 04, 2018

Several studies have been able to show a link between chronic back pain and restless legs. What is known for sure is that both restless leg syndrome and back pain make it hard to function properly in your daily lifestyle. Because both make it hard to obtain a good night’s sleep, those in the medical profession agree it is an...

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Pain Awareness Month: Common Conditions and Treatments to Know

Pain Management Sep 13, 2018

September is Pain Awareness Month from the American Chronic Pain Association. So this Pain Awareness Month, we want to share insight into the devastating condition and explore the most common conditions and treatments of chronic pain. Are you one of the 76 million Americans living with chronic pain? If so, you are probably wondering if you will ever be able...

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What Is Causing My Radiating Leg Pain?

Pain Management Aug 20, 2018

Radiating leg pain means you are hurting in one place on the body that is also causing pain to move to other parts, such as your leg. For instance, you may have a back problem that causes referred pain in your legs. All pain can be troublesome. But when it radiates to other places on your body, it can feel...

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The Best Pain Management Treatment Options

Pain Management Jul 18, 2018

Back pain can disrupt your lifestyle. Whether your pain is muscular, skeletal or unknown, it can control how well you function in everyday activities. Severe back pain can make it hard to walk or complete ordinary tasks. However, different pain management treatment options can increase your quality of day to day life by healing your pain. Often, pain in your...

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Aging In Place Is A Realistic Option In Spite Of Mobility Issues

Wellness Jul 17, 2018

Growing older can mean an increasing loss of mobility for many people. As age and health conditions causing chronic pain take their toll, getting around, even at home, can become challenging. Eventually, that can make certain life decisions necessary for the sake of health and safety. Thankfully, there are ways to modify residences which allow seniors to age in the...

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Scoliosis Awareness Month: What to Know About This Disease

Pain Management Jun 15, 2018

June is Scoliosis Awareness Month. The goal of this is to to educate, learn early detection and bring awareness about this disease. From walking to breathing, the structural stability of our spine plays a key role. This is why severe scoliosis is debilitating if left untreated, and why untreated scoliosis can get worse as time passes and we put our body...

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