Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Peripheral nerve stimulation is used to treat pain syndromes such as complex regional pain syndrome, back and neck pain, post-surgical pain, and trigeminal neuralgia. This procedure uses electrodes, following the path of the painful nerve, that distribute low-level electrical impulses to disrupt the perception of pain from traveling to the brain. This process is done under local anesthetic and IV sedation and is usually performed in a seven-day trial to determine if the procedure is helpful to the patient.

If peripheral nerve stimulation is helpful, the patient may undergo a permanent electrode and battery placement. A needle is used to place the electrical leads and wires under the skin and a small incision is made to put the battery under the skin, this is very small and not visible. This procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure and may take a couple of hours.


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