Disc Denervation

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Disc Denervation

Disc denervation is a procedure used for chronic pain related to discs, which is commonly back and neck pain. The nerves responsible for the pain are heated and destroyed using radiofrequency. Radiofrequency creates heat that alters specific nerve fibers and blocks the perception of pain that the brain gathers.

A local anesthetic is used to numb the area before a radiofrequency needle is used. The needle is guided to the desired location under real time X-ray or fluoroscopy. The needle then uses electrical stimulation to replicate and determine where the pain is coming from. When the correct nerves have been identified, radiofrequency is used to disconnect the nerve helping to prevent the pain caused by it. A bandage is positioned over the place the needle entered and the patient is allowed to leave promptly after. Disc denervation normally takes less than an hour to perform. Most patients reported pain relief for 6 to 24 months and an ability to increase activity levels.


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