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When medical care fails to ease your pain, you may benefit from interventional pain procedures at Comprehensive Pain Management Center in Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, and Santa Clarita, California. The state-of-the-art pain management practice offers many cutting-edge interventional procedures to minimize pain and improve your quality of life. Schedule a consultation by calling the office nearest you or booking an appointment online today.

Interventional Procedures Q & A

What are interventional procedures?

Interventional procedures are minimally invasive treatments for various pain conditions. Comprehensive Pain Management Center uses interventional procedures to diagnose and treat pain problems. 

The practice takes an integrative and holistic approach to care and uses a wide range of pain management tools to help you gain control over your pain — and regain control over your life. 

What are common types of interventional procedures?

Comprehensive Pain Management Center uses a variety of interventional procedures, from simple injections to the placement of devices. Types of interventional procedures include:

Epidural steroid injections

Epidural steroid injections are common treatments for chronic back pain and neck pain. During the injection, your provider administers an anti-inflammatory and anesthetic into the epidural space in your spine. 

Nerve injections

Nerve injections, also known as nerve blocks, are used to diagnose and treat pain conditions related to nerve problems. Types of nerve injections include facet joint injections, sacroiliac joint injections, ganglion impar injections, and sympathetic nerve injections. 

Radiofrequency ablation

If you experience pain relief following a nerve injection, your provider may recommend radiofrequency ablation. During this procedure, they use heat energy to destroy the nerve transmitting the pain information. 

Spinal cord stimulation

For pain conditions that fail to respond to traditional treatments, Comprehensive Pain Management Center offers spinal cord stimulation and peripheral nerve stimulation. 

These types of interventional procedures involve placing a generator and electrodes under the skin that use mild electrical currents to disrupt pain signals from the pain-signaling nerves to your brain. 

Pain pumps

Pain pumps are devices that contain pain medication that gets delivered directly to your spinal cord. With a pain pump, you need less pain medication to get pain relief. 

Regenerative medicine

Comprehensive Pain Management Center uses regenerative medicine, including stem cell and allograft injections, to heal the root cause of your pain, thus easing symptoms and restoring function. 

Am I a candidate for interventional procedures?

Schedule a consultation with the experts at Comprehensive Pain Management Center to see if interventional procedures can help you manage your pain. They conduct thorough exams to fully understand how your pain affects your life, as well as the root cause of your pain.

You may be a candidate for interventional procedures if conservative pain management treatments fail to ease your pain. 

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