Natural Back Pain Treatments

Natural Back Pain Treatments

Back pain is common amongst various types of individuals. Whether it is temporary or chronic, people are constantly looking for ways to treat this pain. For those that would prefer to stay away from traditional medications, there are natural back pain treatments available. In fact, you probably were not aware that some of these things help to reduce pain.

Stretching and Core Exercises

Stretching and doing core exercises serve a number of purposes. Stretching helps to limber up muscles that may be tense, which can bring relief. Both stretching and core exercises help to strengthen the muscles and can help to reduce chances of pain to begin with. The key to proper stretching is to make sure that it is light and does not hurt. If you continue when it hurts, you could do more damage than good.


How you sit and stand can also play a part in your back pain. Those who hunch their shoulders can cause a permanent curve in their spine. This can lead to serious medical issues as well as chronic back pain. To avoid this, make conscious efforts to walk and stand up right, keeping your spine properly aligned at all times.


Massage therapy can provide relief for building back pain, especially when performed by a professional. Not only do they know what treatment methods are most beneficial for your particular back pain, they are also familiar with rubs and ointments that you can use to enhance the massage process, as well as continue the results after the treatment.


Endorphins are the body’s own natural pain reliever. Along with pain, it is also effective against anxiety, stress and depression. All of the aforementioned natural remedies help to release endorphins, as well as other calming activities, such as breathing deeply, meditating, laughing, listening to music and being social.

Before you head to the medicine cabinet the next time you experience back pain, consider one or a few of the natural back pain treatments mentioned above. For even more ideas, contact your local pain management center.

By Dr. James Lin
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