3 Natural Remedies For Back Pain

3 Natural Remedies For Back Pain

Back pain is a common health problem that can strike at any age. Often, this pain is caused by a combination of problems that may include an injury, obesity and poor posture. Although it can be frustrating to experience nagging pain with every movement, there are several natural remedies for back pain that can help you find relief.

Massage Therapy

The healing power of human touch is a powerful tool for managing pain. Massage therapy is one of the most common natural remedies for back pain and can be used to treat lower pain as well as pain associated with sciatica and herniated discs. In addition to loosening tense muscles, a massage can relieve emotional tension and anxiety. Since stress can intensify pain, this remedy treats both the physical and mental causes of your discomfort. It is important to note, however, that a therapeutic massage should only be administered by a professional that understands the underlying reason for your back pain.

Exercise and Weight Management

The combination of a lack of exercise and obesity can contribute to lax muscles and ligaments that are unable to support the spine. For this reason, those who struggle with chronic pain in their back will need to maintain an appropriate weight to reduce the strain on their spine. In addition to eating a healthy diet and performing general cardiovascular exercises, you can do special back exercises that also help strengthen the core muscles to provide the right type of support.

Chiropractor Treatments

Chiropractors use spinal manipulations to realign the parts of your body that are contributing to the pain. This often involves manipulating a joint toward the end of its clinical range of motion, which can cause a harmless popping sound. However, this is a safe non-invasive procedure that can provide prompt relief. Some pain sufferers experience relief in as little as one session while others may require ongoing sessions to find complete relief.

When back pain occurs, it is important to take a full-on approach to eliminating the cause and providing your body with the support it needs to heal. By utilizing a combination of methods, you will be able to relieve the pain quickly while preventing future instances from occurring.

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